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The Best of April Fools’ Day 2015

April Fools’ Day, or April 1, is a day when people all over the world pull pranks, make jokes, and just do what they can to fool others and get a laugh. It is always fun to prank around with your friends, but some of the best pranks are the ones that come from some of our favorite brands! Here are a few that gave us a big laugh this April Fools’ Day. We can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with next year!

Funny or Die: Dips
Will Ferrell’s viral comedy website got everyone believing that he was releasing hilarious looping videos featuring celebrities. While this would be a great idea, the concept was that the videos were less than 2 seconds long. He got stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, Britney Spears, and Conan O’Brien to participate and fool us all. Don’t worry, though, Will has released an apology for getting our short hopes up.

Planet Fitness: Reclinomax
Planet Fitness is known for saying it doesn’t like “gymtimidation.” It takes a casual approach to fitness so everyone can feel comfortable while they work out. Well they took that comfort further with their new Reclinomax: a recliner that has weights and equipment attached to make working out more comfortable. Honestly, we wish this one was real.

Oreo: Double Crunch
Known for its excellent use of Twitter, Oreo brand decided to go the simple route by only releasing a tweet announcing their new product. After the popularity of the Double Stuf Oreos, they went with Double Crunch: The same amount of filling as a regular Oreo but cookies that were twice as thick, for those hoping to get maximum cookie with their milk. This is unfortunately a hoax, but we can keep dreaming for it to come true.

Pizza Hut: Pepperoni Pilsner
The famed pizza brand decided to get its fans both excited and disgusted at the same time by releasing a fake commercial. Their newest product? Pepperoni Pilsner, made with real tomatoes, garlic, and pepperoni. The commercial was shot in a real brewery and even featured people tasting the new brew. Most people knew (and hoped) it was a joke, but a few of their fans are asking where they can get a case of this new concoction.

Rihanna Vs. Jimmy Kimmel
Jimmy Kimmel is known for pulling pranks that nearly everyone falls for. Some of his most famous include parents pretending to eat their kids’ Halloween candy, and making the world think wolves were at the Sochi Olympics. When she visited his show, pop star Rihanna decided it was Jimmy’s turn to be pranked. Along with Jimmy’s own crew, she snuck into his home while he was asleep and woke him up with strobe lights, blaring music, and threw confetti on him, followed by her jumping on his bed. Needless to say, the prankster was successfully pranked.

Alcohol Awareness

Since 1987, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. (NCADD) has declared April as Alcohol Awareness Month in an effort to increase public awareness and understanding of the dangers of alcohol. Each year, the NCADD gives the month a theme, with “For the Health of it: Early Education on Alcoholism and Addiction” being the overall message for April 2015.

This year, the NCADD is highlighting the dangers of underage drinking, showcasing the devastating consequences it can have on families, individuals and communities. Each April is filled with local and national events that focus on educating people about treatment and prevention for alcoholism. Underage drinking is a growing issue in the United States, and while many people have heard the dangers of overdrinking or drinking and driving, they don’t fully understand the negative impacts it can have on a life.

When it comes to drinking, people need to recognize the importance of moderation, and knowing when they have had too much. Alcohol Awareness Month can be used to put the effects of alcohol in the forefront and give people more information outlets where they can learn what it means to “drink responsibly.”

As an individual, this month is an opportunity to speak with your family about what each person can do to be more responsible. Talk about how to determine your limits, and what to do if someone has had too much to drink. Stress the dangers of drinking and driving, and show that worst-case scenarios are more likely to happen than people think.

At Carter BloodCare, we understand how alcohol will not only impact a person’s ability to give blood, but can put them on the receiving end of blood transfusions. If you donate with Carter BloodCare, you are unable to do so if you are intoxicated in any way. If you give blood, it is best to wait at least 24 hours before consuming alcohol because alcohol can thin the blood and cause you to keep bleeding hours after your donation.*

Alcohol Awareness Month​​ (April) is a great opportunity to show people that there is a happy balance between fun and danger when it comes to drinking alcohol. No matter what month it is, make sure you avoid getting behind the wheel of a car if you or the driver has had anything to drink, and do what you can to avoid over-indulging. – See more at:

We Challenge YOU

It’s spring and that can only mean one thing at Carter BloodCare: it’s time for the second annual College Gallon Challenge! Once again, Carter BloodCare challenges colleges and universities throughout North, Central and East Texas to see which institution can donate the most gallons of blood.

How does it work?

Each college or university will set a goal for how many gallons of blood their students will donate. For each gallon of blood a school gives at their mobile blood drive, Carter BloodCare will donate that same amount of water to the non-profit of the university’s choosing. Water donated will be provided by Coca-Cola®.

How did it begin?

The College Gallon Challenge began as a simple challenge from our friends at Tyler Junior College looking to find more ways to make a positive impact in their community, with their 50 Gallon Challenge. Now, the College Gallon Challenge has turned into something we look forward to each year in hopes of getting more local universities excited to be a part of our mission to give life to the community.

Who can participate?

The College Gallon Challenge is open to all colleges and universities in the Carter BloodCare service area. Each school sets their goal with their Carter BloodCare recruiter, who will help them spread the word to their community.

How much water is given per donation?

Each blood donation equals about one pint of blood and eight donations make up a gallon. For every eight donations, one case of water equaling a gallon, will be given back to the community, to the charity of choice from the participating college or university participating.

At Carter BloodCare, we love to see people excited about helping others. By participating in our College Gallon Challenge, you can provide two different life-saving resources to the people in your community. Last year, with over 60 campuses participating, the College Gallon Challenge collected 293 gallons of blood, and saw more than 1,900 donors at college blood drives. We encourage you to join the challenge now and see if we can beat last year – find a drive near you at!

Spotlight on Commissioner Dr. Elba Garcia

As the Dallas County Commissioner for District 4, Dr. Elba Garcia stands as a role model for women and the Hispanic community. Dr. Elba Garcia has always been dedicated to community service and supporting efforts of people and organizations that work to improve their community every day.

Dr. Garcia was born and raised in Mexico City before earning her doctorate in Odontology from Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana in 1984. She later moved to the United States and continued her education toward a Doctorate in Dental Surgery, DDS, from Baylor College of Dentistry in 1990.

Dr. Garcia is a community leader and owner of a private dental practice, which she has run since its opening in 1998. She is the mother of two sons with her husband, former state representative Domingo Garcia.

Raised by a renowned Mexican hematologist, Dr. Garcia and her entire family gave regular blood donations from a young age. “We have an excellent blood bank in my family,” Garcia jokes, speaking of the different blood types present between her and her siblings. Early on, her entire family learned the importance of making blood donations in the community.

“Every single minute of the day an emergency can happen,” says Dr. Garcia, “If it happens to you,
Carter BloodCare will become a big part of your life. That’s why it is so important to donate blood.”

As a supporter of the Carter BloodCare mission to give life to the community, Dr. Garcia sees the need and importance for blood donation all the time. She serves on the committees and boards of numerous community programs aimed at improving the lives of people throughout Dallas.

As a life-long blood donor, Dr. Garcia says since she was 12, there have been maybe four years when she was unable to donate due to travel restrictions. As a child, her father always urged people to give, and worked hard to spread the message of the important role blood transfusion plays in our health throughout Mexico City. Fifty years later, Dr. Garcia is continuing her father’s message.

“We need to continue to create awareness and education because through Carter BloodCare we can create empowerment. When you empower a community, you make it better and Carter BloodCare has done that. It is creating awareness of how important it is for people to give because at any day and time it could be you.”

At Carter BloodCare, we pride ourselves on making a positive impact in our community through blood transfusion. Nothing makes us prouder than working with people in the community who strive to do the same. With the support of community leaders like Dr. Elba Garcia, we are excited to help empower the community to save lives.

March is for Madness

It’s no secret that at Carter BloodCare we are huge fans of basketball, and we are ready for some friendly competition during the annual Men’s College Basketball championship tournament!

During the spring, the NCAA Men’s Division 1 Basketball selects the top 64 teams to compete in a single-elimination tournament leading up to the division finals. For most of us, this means filling out our brackets in hopes that we will predict the right teams to make it to the end.

To help you get more excited to watch and enjoy college basketball this season, we created our very own NCAA bracket for you to print and use:

Your Personal NCAA Bracket.

The popularity of a tournament bracket has increased over the years, even creating popular challenges with big payouts. One of the most notable challenges was Warren Buffet’s offer last year to give $1 billion to anyone with a perfect bracket from the big tournament. The odds were approximately one in 4,294,967,296. FYI – there wasn’t a winner.

While you might not be able to convince your friends to shell out $1 billion for a winning bracket, you can still use our bracket to challenge your friends, family, coworkers and others to make the 2015 NCAA Tournament even more exciting. Good luck and happy bracketing!

Spring Clean Bill of Health

Spring is in the air and all over the state of Texas, everyone is ready to take advantage of the warmer weather and take part in springtime activities. One of the most popular spring traditions is to spring clean and de-clutter your life. With the changing seasons, we think it is the perfect time to spring clean your health to enjoy the best aspects of the season!

Go Local With Your Produce

At Carter BloodCare, we love the idea of working with companies and organizations in your community, and none are more enjoyable than local farmer’s markets or grocery stores. Buying locally grown fruits and vegetables helps make a positive impact in your community, saves you money by eliminating delivery expenses, and naturally introduce local pollens into your system to help you avoid springtime allergies.

De-Clutter Your Medications

Did you know your medicines and supplements expire? Whether we forget to take our daily vitamins, or recover from an illness before our medication is out, most of us end up with half empty medicine bottles that just sitting in our cabinets. Once your medicine cabinet gets too full, it’s time to go through and throw away all of the expired pills to make room for a healthier you. Be sure and check with your local city administration to learn about the proper disposal methods for these products, rather than flushing them into the water system.

Throw Away Stress

Stress affects everyone at different times, and if we don’t take steps to control it, it can get out of hand. Take a few minutes each day to take some deep breaths and spend some time focusing on your happiness. Look into what in life stresses you out and think of ways to eliminate those stressors so you can calmly take on the world.

Clean Out Allergens

Want a head start on spring allergies? Take spring cleaning to a literal sense and clean your home. Washing linens, dusting off surfaces, replacing air filters, and disinfecting your home eliminates a number of household allergens and gives you and your family a better chance at avoiding hay fever.

Visit Your Doctor

One of the easiest ways to make sure you have a clean bill of health is to schedule appointments with your doctor, or doctors. Get up-to-date on all of your check ups and talk openly with your doctor about any health concerns you may have. You can even get a mini physical when you donate blood with Carter BloodCare for a quick read of your health. Starting strong with your doctor visits will help you plan out appointments so you can stay healthy all year so you can continue to give life to the community.

Get Outside

Outdoor activities are some of the easiest ways to improve your physical health without realizing it. Gardening can help your home look beautiful on the outside, and burns up to 350 calories an hour. Hiking or walking outside gives you a chance to enjoy the nice weather, and get into healthy, active habits. Playing with kids at the park can be fun for them, and a chance for you to bond and burn some calories. Whatever activity you choose, time outside is never time wasted.

Changing seasons are a great time to experience new adventures and new opportunities, but can also bring in new things you need to be conscious of to stay in good health.  If you do what is necessary to avoid seasonal health woes, you can begin the season with a spring in your step.